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You've Grown!

We are constantly pointing out the flaws in ourselves, but when was the last time you looked at your glows? Stop! Let's look at ourselves with love and acceptance. There's beauty in our scars, tears, and pain. They not only challenge us, but they show us that we can be indestructible.

These are signs that you are headed in the right direction.

Realizing that you are in full control of your happiness.

Realizing that you don't need 100s of friends, but only a select few.

Realizing that not everyone has your best intentions at heart.

Realizing when you love someone who helps you grow and bloom instead of holding you back.

Prioritizing your trajectory and goals for life instead of choosing to have fun.

Finding a passion and making it your career.

Realizing your "wants" are not your "needs".

Realizing your time and energy are valuable and shouldn't be taken for granted or going to waste.

Being aware of your own growth is important to evolve because it provides us the time to process everything.

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