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Where I Shop: Fashion Minimalist

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Personally I prefer the simple and clean look. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has a signature look. Mine just happens to be a simple and clean look. I try to stay away from visible logos on my clothing and lean towards more minimalist logos or none at all. My signature look in depth would be an effortless ensemble while my features such as my eyes, my posture, my hair, the fine jewelry, and shoes tell the story. Of course there are no rules to fashion and you should wear and express yourself the way your heart desires. There have been outfits that definitely were out of my “comfort zone” that I simply could not wait to wear. There’s also something to be said about minimalism as a sign of quiet sophistication.

With that being said here are 5 Minimal Clothing Brands For Men & Women

1. L’Estrange London ($$-$$$)

Known for their modern approach, it creates a collection that’s versatile and highly interchangeable with every stage of the piece's life cycle designed to be better for the environment.

Shop now at L’Estrange London

2. Unrecorded ($$-$$$)

With no excessive prices Unrecorded founders knew exactly what they wanted their brand to be. The brand’s unisex wool jumpers use 100% extra-fine, mulling-free Australian merino, which is spun in Italy and twisted to give a cashmere-like softness. Available in a range of earthy tones, they also do a line in cardigans in the same material.

Shop now at Unrecorded

3. ISTO ($$-$$$)

Isto is a rebellious brand that breaks the constraints of industry fashion. Playing by no rule book. This brand fulfills your workwear and comfortability all in one.

Shop now at ISTO

4. Neutrale ($$-$$$)

Color, color, color! Channelling a bright Mediterranean aesthetic with a bold use of pastels, Neutrale is a brand pushing textile innovation, using the latest technology to improve sustainable production.

Shop now at Neutrale

5. ASKET ($$-$$$)

ASKET is a Scandinavian brand with a simple mission: the pursuit of less. Daily essentials and recycled cashmere. Sustainability! All effortless, all made to last.

Shop now at ASKET


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