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Soul Sex

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

The orgasmic beauty of making love is to touch the soul. When we indulge in intimacy, we allow someone to penetrate our soul so that they can actually see and feel it. We get horny because we need sex, but we will never go so far as to have sex just to have sex. Soul sex must be handled with the same level of respect for your body, mind and emotions as sex with your partner.

In the course of our lives, most people have experienced heartache and rejection. We want to experience love because we believe that one of the most important things we can do in life is to express love.

Making love to your soul can help you recover so much faster and take your intimate relationship to heights you never thought possible. There is no need to make love just about sex, just to have sex, behave the way you prefer. Make love to yourself, because it would be very difficult for you to have sex just "for sex's sake." Love can be made in the most intimate way, not only with the partner, but also within yourself.

Making love in intimacy means sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings with someone, sharing love, passion, laughter and joy with them. Soul sex is when you are connected with someone in emotional, sexual or spiritual intimacy. One of the ways to experience soul sex, one of the ways to totally surrender yourself sexually, emotionally and spiritually to your partner, is to blindfold each other while making love.

It can be a very erotic, passionate and emotional experience that can actually bring you much closer to each other. When you do this, it means trusting your partner and totally surrendering to each other, and it can either be a pretty awesome and liberating experience.

True souls - bound lovers consist of bonds that are truly beautiful and endure far beyond the limits of the human body. You can connect with each other's bodies and share the experience of experiencing a connection in your soul that opens you up and the love you make with the universe around you.

One could say that the ultimate goal is the expression of love, but soul sex does not have this goal as such. Soul sex does not have to include the physical body, and it has, one wonders, no completely different conception than ego sex. However, it maintains the goal of ultimate love for the other person, even if it is beautiful to do so. “Soul sex" is only a term for sex between two people with the same body and soul, not the opposite.

Soul sex generates an orgasmic experience that can last minutes or even hours, including rapture in both the physical and energetic body. Soul sex is more than physical intimacy; it's about connecting with someone so you can look into their soul. One cannot experience soul sex without the involvement of heart and mind.

Making love with the soul is an experience of total openness and surrender to the partner. You are able to participate in a divine soul dance that becomes the fabric of who you are. It is about becoming a part of you that is deeply connected to you, and then allowing access to your souls.

We have forgotten to recognize our souls and unite them with their counterparts, just as we do with our friends, family members, friends of friends, and even our own bodies.

Don't get me wrong, I never really want to go back, but I enjoy the intimate connection of regular sex to build deeper intimacy. While ego sex tends to bore people, soul sex forms a bond that grows deeper and deeper over time and is therefore perfect for people who want a long-term relationship and are committed to love. When you experience sex with your soul, everything else feels like senseless groping and nagging.

Merging with a soul counterpart is like pairing with an eternal lover who fits into the part of you known as the creation that came before you.


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