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Men: 2 Brands Making Recycled Clothes'

It is no secret that there is a climate crisis on earth. Increasing temperatures, melting ice caps, and extreme weather events are becoming more and more catastrophic. The unpleasant fact is that the fast fashion industry has played an insufferable role in bringing us to what seems a point of no return.

Society will continue to buy clothes, however, it is important to be increasingly aware of what we're buying and from where. The most thing to do is buy second hand garments if you are unable to do so the next best thing would be to buy pieces made using recycled materials.

To clarify, we are not saying that when you purchase a recycled-cotton garment it's going to reverse global warming. We are simply saying that with these small changes we can reduce our carbon footprints working together.

Here 2 Brands that go out of their way to produce recycled garments:

Tricot ($$$)

Tricot a French brand that produce recycled cashmere and cotton garments. Expanding to elegant knits and comfy hoodies made from repurposed waste fibers that would've wound up in a landfill otherwise. A eco-friendly way to invest into cashmere a luxury must have piece, while maintaining a low environmental impact.

Shop Tricot

A Day's March ($$-$$$)

This Swedish brand has given many reasons to love them and the main one would be their recycled fleeces. A wide variety of gilets, pullovers, jackets and fleeces ideal for layering and available in a selection of subtle or statement colors.

Shop A Day's March

Happy Shopping!

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