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Journey to Self Love

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Question of the day- do you love yourself and do you think it's enough? I’m sure we can all relate to when I say we’ve all had moments where we’ve felt disconnected from ourselves and lacking in self-love.

As a big self-care advocate I used to think that self-love is self-care. However, as I learned more through my life experiences I found out that self-love is much deeper. With self-care many tend to focus on the physicality of themselves. Self-love is not only about the physical well-being of our body, but also the well-being of our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

By simply looking deeper into ourselves and incorporating the steps in this reading into your daily lives, you can create a stronger and much more affectionate relationship with yourself. So how do you start accepting yourself through the four levels and well-being of our body?

Physical Well-being

The way our body works is very intriguing. Our body is always communicating with us through feelings and sensations, but we don’t always notice these feelings or sensations. Even if our body is telling us to rest through a simple yawn, to eat a little healthier, or that a situation or person doesn't fit our vibe, listen to your gut. Acknowledge your feelings and if possible act on it. Whether it is positive or negative we must always approach it as calmly as possible. Just as in an argument overreacting can cause the point to be miscommunicated.

Allow yourself to:

  1. Get enough sleep

  2. Eat a healthy and balanced diet to nourish your body and give it the energy it needs

  3. Exercise

  4. Be mindful of who and what you invest your time in

  5. Have a stable balance between work and play

The metaphor that our bodies are temples, says it all. It only makes sense that if we only have one body and we want to experience anything and everything the world has to offer, you want it to function as best as possible. Emotional Well-being Many of us say we are confident in our emotional needs and wants, however, that quickly goes out the window wherever we are in a relationship or loving ourselves in front of a mirror. To create a stronger positive emotional balance we must:

  1. Accept pain, failures, mistakes in times of uncertainty.

  2. Be honest with yourself and how you feel.

  3. Move on from our pasts.

  4. Accept all emotions and know that they are temporary.

All emotions are “energy in motion” ; they are not good or bad. From what I’ve observed through experiences of my own and based on stories told by my friends , there are two basic ways of dealing with emotions. The first is taking any attempt to hide what we are feeling which can cause additional tension and stress. Second is to act on that specific feeling and try to make sense of why you are feeling this way. Make sure you acknowledge and give respect to that feeling. We DO NOT want to push it under the rug and pretend everything is okay. Mental Well-being Though the mental and emotional well beings connect in some aspects they are very much separate because our thoughts control our emotions and feelings. Working on our mentality means that we should:

  1. Make note of our thoughts.

  2. Know that our mind is a tool and we can choose to make our thoughts more positive & uplifting.

  3. Training our mind to stop judging and comparing ourselves to others.

  4. Be grateful for what we have and our unique qualities.

Spiritual Well-being To connect with oneself on a spiritual level we need to:

  1. Connect to our true self and intuition and start adjusting our lifestyle to start feeling good.

  2. Build trust with a higher being, whether that be god, the universe, life, or love.

  3. Acknowledge that our souls have chosen the body it's in and most of our life experiences for us to learn and grow.

Incorporating these simple steps to our daily lives will positively influence our life and we will be undeniably happier. Doing these steps will not only benefit us, but it will also impact others around us. This is a long term investment and commitment in your journey to a healthier mind, body, and soul.


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