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Getting Out of a Funk

There is no ignoring the unfortunate events that the year 2020 has brought upon us all. With Everything that happened in our lives it is understandable that we can slip into the blue funks. Or maybe you were blindsided by the worst case scenario and you fund yourself on a one-way flight to the dumps. While this is obviously a drastic change, it is very much a normal part of life, and riding the wave is how we develop deeper stability & emotional grit. So how do you find your way back to living your best life?

Here's the simplest way I believe will help you:

Single out the feelings that knocked you off balance. This low-grade semi-depression came from a disconnect. This usually happens when your perception of a situation caused you to short circuit or burn out. If you can figure out where your mindset is when it comes to this certain situation, you'll have the power to shift your perspective. You have the power to reframe the story you're telling yourself at any given time.

When you choose to view things from a different perspective you'll be able to help yourself feel better. Stop playing the victim and create a new perspective around what's bothering you. Your feelings and thoughts will follow along. You've got this! After, take a deep breath into your heart space and reconnect to yourself. Remember you're a strong, powerful being and you're bigger than any one situation in your life.

We have many resources to lean into when we are in funktown. Our body and mind are always ready to flood our system with feel good chemicals if we are willing to put forth a small effort to step off the funktown express. After all, you can't expect rainbows without the rain. We learn to accept all of it it as part of the human experience.

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